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Friends Only

wanna be friends? (1)add me first and then comment saying (2)where you found me and (3)why you're adding me and I will add you back asap. silent frienders will not be entertained.

fatdix is now nudge
please add me back if you haven't already. i also did a mini friends cut D:


just did a little spring cleaning.

while i am usually one to respect opinions, some people take things a little too far. i know you say to get a life and just scroll past you if i don't like what you post, so i suppose removing you from my flist is the best way to go about it. it's too bad, really. i really liked you. i just had no idea you had so much growing up to do.

whoever got deleted, it's probably because we hardly talk/comment on each other (except for the one user who set me looking through my flist in the first place). if you want to be added back let me know and i'll add you back asap. :)


i just did a friends cut. it's nothing personal, i just feel like there are entries on my flist that i don't read, and there are people that i've added that either don't update, or never comment on my entries. i didn't cut recent friends, so if we've only just added each other, you're probably still on my flist.

if i removed you, please remove me as well. if you feel that it was a mistake that i removed you, comment and i'll probably add you back? idk. i just don't want a clogged flist.

sorry guys. i feel bad doing this.